Disclaimer/ Terms & Conditions




Article 3        Admission ticket


3.1       Access to a IBIZAWEEKENDER event will only be obtained upon presentation of a valid admission ticket.

3.2       Only persons of 18 years and older will gain access to the event, unless explicitly indicated otherwise on the website of the event concerned. Visitors may be asked to submit a proof of identity in order to verify the age limit mentioned. In the event that no valid proof of identity is presented or when the age is incorrect, this visitor will be denied access (or the visitor will be removed from the event) without IBIZAWEEKENDER being obliged to reimburse the visitor for the entrance fee.

3.3       The admission tickets are and remain the property of Ibizaweekender. The visitor is prohibited to resell in any way an admission ticket for the event to third parties and/or to offer the admission tickets for sale in any way to third parties and/or to submit these tickets for or within the framework of commercial purposes. In case of violation of this prohibition, Ibizaweekender is entitled to deny the owner of that admission ticket access to the event and to recover all resulting damage from the visitor.

3.4       In case the visitor violates (one or more of) the provisions mentioned in these general conditions, Ibizaweekender is entitled to make the admission ticket invalid or to deny the client (further) access to the event without the visitor being entitled to reimbursement of the amount he/she paid Ibizaweekender for the admission ticket (including service costs), either through a booking office or not. Holders of admission tickets that have been made invalid are not entitled to reimbursement or any other compensation.

3.5       The visitor is prohibited to advertise or to make any (other) form of publicity with regard to the event and every element thereof. If doing so, the visitor violates the trademark rights of Ibizaweekender.

3.6       If visitor does not comply with his/her obligations as worded in the previous paragraphs of this article, the visitor (or the buyer or the seller of the admission ticket) will be due an immediately payable fine of € 5,000 per violation to Ibizaweekender and € 500 for each day the violation has continued and continues – without prejudice to the right of Ibizaweekender to additionally claim compensation from him/her for the damage suffered or yet to be suffered.

3.7       In case the visitor purchases an (electronic) admission ticket (e-ticket) for an Ibizaweekender event through the internet, the payment thereof is usually handled by a third party on behalf of Ibizaweekender. Most of the time, this third party also applies its own general conditions with regard to the visitor as buyer of the admission ticket. In that case, those conditions will then be applicable at the same time as these conditions.




Article 10       Force majeure


10.1     In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, including illness and/or cancellation by the artist(s), DJs, strikes, failing equipment, fire, poor weather conditions and suchlike, Ibizaweekender has the right to reschedule the event for another date or another location or to cancel the event, without being held to pay compensation for damage.


10.2     Only in the event of cancellation, Ibizaweekender will reimburse the entrance fee to the visitor, but not the reservation charges/administrative costs, upon his/her request.


10.3     Reimbursement will only take place within a reasonable term following the date of the cancelled event, upon submission of a valid admission ticket by the visitor, in a way to be indicated and to be made known by Ibizaweekender by means of channels to be made known by her. Buyer can only and exclusively address Ibizaweekender for reimbursement of the ticket fees and not the intermediate or the third party who has handled the ticket purchase on behalf of Ibizaweekender.



Article 16      Website


16.1     Ibizaweekender also exploits several websites – such as Ibizaweekender.com – and the several websites or online services of third parties for separate events or activities she organises, hereinafter for the purpose of convenience jointly referred to as the “website”. The visitor of a website of Ibizaweekender  is bound by the present general conditions which apply to him or her as a result of visiting the website.

16.2     Ibizaweekender respects the privacy of all visitors of the website and ensures that the personal information the visitor submits to Ibizaweekender will always be handled confidential.

16.3     Ibizaweekender uses data by means of ‘cookies’ of the visitor of one of her websites in order to make the process of purchasing and navigating from and through the website easier, faster and better. A visitor of one of the websites can only purchase a product or use a specific service if valid and correct personal data have been entered.

16.4     By entering the data for downloading or ordering tickets or products through one of the websites of Ibizaweekender or through one of the online services executed for Ibizaweekender, the visitor of the website gives his or her permission for the below indicated use of the personal data. In all other cases, Ibizaweekender will only use these data when permission has been granted. Ibizaweekender will not sell personal data to third parties.

Ibizaweekender uses the gathered data of the visitors of her websites as follows:

  1. I) in order to make the purchase and navigation process at Ibizaweekender function in the best possible way, Ibizaweekender obtains the right by means of these applicable general conditions to store personal data and the data with regard to the use of our services and to use these data for certain purposes. These data are used to create an account for the visitor.

The following information will be stored: name, username, password, address, place of residence, country, data of birth, (mobile) telephone number, email address and payment data. In addition, the website recognises the visitor for a next time by means of a so-called ‘cookie’. Insofar necessary, the visitor hereby gives permission to use ‘cookies’ by accepting these general conditions.

  1. II) The data are also used:
  2. a) to inform the visitor about questions he/she has submitted;

b)to send the material, a product or the information the visitor has requested or which has been purchased;

  1. c) to draw attention of the visitor to promotions, matches or a contest;
  2. d) to adjust the information on the website for the visitor;
  3. e) for the administrative completion of transactions and payments;
  4. f) for the prevention of fraud and infringement;
  5. g) for any other legal purpose, such as a request from the government or the police.

16.5     It is possible for the website to use the data of the visitor in order to recommend other products to him or her which are associated with products that were purchased earlier. Data about the use of the website are used by Ibizaweekender for, among other things, the further development and improvement of the website.

16.6     For some actions as referred to in article 16.4, the visitor has to register and create an account on the website for which (possibly) username, password, name, address, place of residence, date of birth, gender, (mobile) telephone number and email address will be recorded and saved by Ibizaweekender and will be used for, among other things, purchasing a product on the website.

16.7     The visitor who has registered himself/herself thereby gives permission to Ibizaweekender or to third parties affiliated to her to send him or her information per email.

16.8     Ibizaweekender takes security measures for the protection of personal data on the website and her servers according to the latest state of technology which is reasonably affordable and customary in the industry. Ibizaweekender thus complies with the legal requirements under the privacy guideline of the EU and the Dutch legislation. Ibizaweekender takes all reasonable measures so that only relevant parties which have obtained permission from the visitor or parties necessary in the execution of any agreement will be able to see and use the information.

16.9     Ibizaweekender is never liable for any damage the visitor suffers if a third party gains unlawful access to the personal data of the visitor despite the measures Ibizaweekender has taken to preserve these data. Because of the nature of internet use and sending data over the internet, Ibizaweekender is unable to guarantee an entirely secure environment for the personal data. Each transmission of personal data over the internet is eventually done at the visitor’s own risk. Should Ibizaweekender at any given time be confronted with an information leak as a result of which personal data are becoming available to third parties, or the website is being hacked or any other illegal act whereby personal data are being obtained without her permission, she will, insofar reasonably possible, immediately inform the visitor of that fact.

16.10   Ibizaweekender is entitled to use anonymised data of visitors obtained through services, purchases or the website in order to be able to provide insight into the traffic on the website and statistics. The personal data of the visitor will not be made public in that case. Insofar necessary, the visitor gives permission to do so by accepting these general conditions.


Article 17      Sale of goods and services in the webshop or on the website


17.1     These general conditions are of application to every offering, acceptance and every purchase agreement with a visitor of the website who buys a product on the website. Such a product may include, for example: an e-ticket, a merchandise product – including a physical CD or DVD – or another product or service which is being offered.

17.2     The purchase through the webshop or the website is done by means of a distance purchase agreement, which means: agreements concluded through the internet (confirmed by email) as referred to in article 6:227a and/or 7:46a (Consumer Purchase) of the Dutch Civil Code. These general conditions correspond to requirements imposed by laws and regulations on distance purchase agreements. For each product applies that it is offered as long as stock lasts.

17.3     All data Ibizaweekender, as the selling party, has to provide to the visitor pursuant to article 7:46c of the Dutch Civil Code have been included in these general conditions or are stated on the website. The website used by the visitor to purchase a product, states:

  1. a) the identity of the company – and whether or not the visitor has to pay the price in full or in part in advance;
  2. b) the most important features of the product;
  3. c) the price including taxes;
  4. d) the possible costs of delivery;
  5. e) the way of payment and the way of execution of the purchase agreement;
  6. f) the possible way of dissolution of the purchase agreement upon purchase of physical products;

It further applies that:

  1. g) the costs for the use of communication tools by Ibizaweekender will not be charged to the visitor;
  2. h) there is no specific term for accepting the offer by the visitor apart from the rule that the offer is limited in nature for as long as stock lasts or for as long as the product is available;
  3. i) there is no agreement aimed at continuous or periodic delivery.

17.4     After the conclusion of the distance purchase agreement between Ibizaweekender and the visitor, the visitor will receive an email in which the points a) up to and including f) above are specifically completed and in which it states that the purchase agreement can be dissolved by the visitor for physical products within fourteen workdays following the receipt of the product. However, this way of dissolution does not apply to the purchase of an e-ticket, transport agreement, or any other service within the framework of leisure activities.



Article 18      Prices and costs products webshop


18.1     On the website it is clearly indicated for each product which price the visitor has to pay before it can be delivered. All prices are including VAT and excluding delivery costs. Costs other than the purchase price and delivery costs will not be charged to the visitor. All prices remain valid until other and new prices are being indicated on the website. With regard to a product that already has been purchased, but which has not been delivered yet for any reason whatsoever, no interim alteration of the price is possible. All prices indicated always apply on the condition that the VAT remains unchanged. In case the VAT rate is changed, the new VAT rate automatically applies as of the commencement date of the legal alteration thereof.

18.2     An agreement for purchase and sales of a product between a visitor and Ibizaweekender will only enter into force after the visitor has accepted the offer on the website in the appropriate manner, has approved the purchase procedures on the website correctly and his/her payment has been made to the party handling the payment on behalf of Ibizaweekender. Ibizaweekender will send a confirmation by email or will have such email sent to the visitor who has purchased a product as soon as possible stating that the purchase agreement has been concluded.

18.3     Ibizaweekender provides technical and organisational measures in order to protect the electronic transfer of personal information and information relating to payment transactions.



Article 19      Conformity


19.1     Ibizaweekender is committed towards the visitor to deliver him/her the product in the description, quality and quantity described per product on the website and in the list of the ‘shopping cart’ which has been virtually filled by the visitor with a product to be purchased. Products will be delivered in accordance with the normal tolerances for sizes, colours and quantities, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. The picture of a product displayed on the website, if present, only provides a general impression of the product to be purchased by the visitor.

19.2     The visitor has to inspect the purchased product immediately after its delivery in order to assess whether it complies with the product the visitor has ordered and purchased. Should this not be the case, the visitor has to notify Ibizaweekender of that fact within fourteen days after the delivery by sending an email to the address of Ibizaweekender. Only if it has been demonstrated to Ibizaweekender by email that the product does not comply with the item purchased by the visitor, without this being the fault of the visitor or without any reason that should be attributed to his or her account or risk, Ibizaweekender can choose to either reimburse the purchase price or to deliver another product of the same type.



Article 20      Payment for products in the webshop


20.1     Payment can take place by means of an order given thereto by the visitor to the party appointed by Ibizaweekender to handle the payment on her behalf.

20.2     Ibizaweekender is in no way liable for errors, malfunctions or defects in or upon the payment by this third party (parties) to the website. By means of a standard agreement with such party handling the payment, the visitor is bound by the general conditions this party applies, which the visitor can obtain from that party and for which content Ibizaweekender is not responsible.






Calle Guardia 5




1. If you or any other member of your party decides to cancel your confirmed booking you must notify us in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect when it is received in writing by us at our offices and will be effective from the date on which we receive it. We recommend that you use recorded delivery. Since we incur costs in cancelling your arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges up to the maximum shown below (The cancellation charge detailed is calculated on the basis of the total cost payable by the person(s) cancelling excluding insurance premiums and amendment charges which are not refundable in the event of the person(s) to whom they apply cancelling):-

Time we receive your notice to cancel before departure Cancellation
More than 63 days Loss of deposit
62-42 60% cost or deposit if greater
42-0 days 100% cost of holiday


1.2 No refunds will be made in respect of any unused portion of a ticket or partially completed trip.

1.3 Promotional trips as prizes are non-transferable

1.4 IBIZAWEEKENDER may not be held responsible for delays due to mechanical failure, or other issues that may arise and are outside of our control.

1.5 Ibizaweekender may not be held responsible for delays due to labor disputes, border problems or other political factors.
1.6 Any discounted fares, promotion fares, sale fares and early bird package deals are non-transferable and non-refundable.